Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Elevated Graphics and Printing

Elevated Graphics and Printing is a full-scale graphics and design firm... Yeah, but what is EG&P doing to move forward in 2010?

Well in 2009 David BareƱo (EG&P) and Gordon Chavez (me, Imagen Graphic Design) merged the two companies, combining their efforts and clients. The printing website ( was launched and is doing well. We are getting phone calls all the time by people who have found us online. We had an online shop where people could order business cards, postcards, flyers, etc. Although this would save us time by us not processing the orders, it was not very personal. The online shop has been removed and we now work with each client on their projects as a team. We almost always meet in person, for local clients. If not, we are communicating through emails and phone calls until the client is completely satisfied. We get to know each client, we are their in-house off-site marketing team. Sometimes we create a full company image and other times we will design a specific layout for print or web use. While working with our clients we will promote them and their services through our networking. We are creating a community.

Both David and I belong to networking groups. We also work very hard advertising through online social networking. You can find us on facebook, twitter, blogger, and many other social networking sites. If we are working with you on a project you'll probably see us talking about you on these sites. This networking/advertising gives your company exposure and lets people, who don't already know you exist, know to look for you when they need your services. This is our Elevated Community.

We are in the process of designing our graphics site ( The primary function of this site is to exhibit our graphic design capabilities. This site will have the usual about us, team, services and contact pages. However, it will also have links to some of the sites where we network online; facebook, twitter, linked in, and merchant circle. There will be live feeds from some of the networking sites. From our clients point of view, the most important aspect of this site will be "current project client pages" where recent clients will be showcased. We will show design work that we are creating and the client will have an area where their info will be seen by all the people visiting our site. This info will probably include a link to their website or a phone number. This is our Elevated Community.

So, to get the most value from hiring a graphic design and printing team, you should ask the next company you hire, 'What features will be included in the package I purchase?' Is your company logo going to be showcased on a site with your contact information and services listed?
Maybe you should join our Elevated Community.

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